Solution highlights

dat Mobile Solutions Business Efficiency brings together the solutions you need to create a cycle of continuous improvement in your organization’s performance, based on collecting data, analyzing where it needs to be optimized, predicting where it will need to be applied, implementing relevant action plans on the field, measuring their impact, and engaging all your stakeholders.

  • Comprehensive coverage across all aspects of compliance requirements, which go beyond just inspections management
  • Mobile first solution with online and offline capabilities for improved efficiency and superior user experience
  • Ready for business with risk level, permit and site specific forms, dashboards, reports and processes
  • SaaS solution to help you respond to demand fluctuations at the click of a button, so that you pay for what you use
  • Open platform that is easy to integrate with in-house data management, security and reporting systems

dMS solutions empower

  • Field inspectors: can collect data and instantly communicate with all stakeholders; promotes professionalism in the mobile workforce by reducing paperwork with easy to use mobile/ cloud technology
  • Compliance officers: montior work being peformed in real-time, access reports in safe and secure manner, make sure its accessible by only approved users
  • Managers: can effectively manage their work force, monitor events remotely and save company time and efforts by improving workflow


SWPPP platform empowers organizations to meet all storm water compliances requirements. It - Alleviates risk of fines

  • Never miss any critical action through automated alerts - e.g. pre-storm inspection alert, action overdue alert etc.
  • Never miss any reports deadline or file incorrect/incomplete report due to scattered offline data
  • Never worry about evolving and new regulatory requirements as the platform will keep pace with the changes
  • Reduces cost of compliance
  • Lower time and effort spent on conducting an inspection and creating reports
  • Eliminate non-value added activities like data collection, photo upload & annotation, review and consolidation
  • Eliminate manual follow-ups and improve user experience through custom workflows